Fred. de Meulder Export B.V.


Festival of Colours (Prepacked flower bulbs)

Festival of Colours is our brand especially developed for retail customers. The flower bulbs are either prepacked with a picture card or as loose bulbs in showcartons & binboxes. Each year we introduce new and improved products and varieties. In our customer-oriented policy we are also able to develop private labels to offer larger clients the exclusivity they want.



One of the most famous products in the Dutch flowerbulb export is the tulip. Because of our broad experience in every field we are able to advise and supply you in the best possible way. For instance, preplanted Tulips, which are in crates ready to plant or prepared tulips for early flowering. We are specialized in helping you to select the most outstanding varieties suitable for your specific circumstance and climate.


Furthermore FDM offers a broad variety of lily bulbs for professional cut flower production such as: LA-Hybrids, OT-Hybrids, LO-Hybrids, Asiatic lilies, oriental en longiflorum lilies. We offer products from Holland as well as bulbs which are grown in the southern hemisphere. Storing and packaging lilies is another important activity. By freezing the planting material during the winter, we are able to supply bulbs for any flowering time all year round.



Dahlias play an important part in the history and future of FDM. As a result of a high degree of client focus, which is expressed by supplying a quality product and a good service we have obtained a strong position in today’s Dahlia market. With our unique knowledge in this field we can make sure that the quality of varieties and their treatment is right for you. In our warehouse we have to optimum conditions, which enables us to store the Dahlias until customers can plant them. Our wide range of exclusive Dahlias makes sure that we can serve all kinds of clients.

Dahlia cat 2016


For landscaping we can offer you a broad assortment of ready mixtures and a wide range of suitable varieties. These are excellent for usage in city parks and gardens. Furthermore this ensures you to have a magnificent and colourful spectacle during Springtime. We can prepare your orders during the whole season and deliver at any time you want to your warehouse or directly to your customers.


Mail order

Flower bulb sales through mail-order is a still growing market. FDM has already acquired significant experience in this line of business and in several countries we are a large player on the market. Our flexibility and the guaranteed quality we offer ensures that all mail orders are correctly executed.