Fred. de Meulder Export B.V.

About our products


Picking the right varieties for your market is one of the most difficult decisions. FdM with their unique knowledge in this field can make sure that the quality of varieties and their treatment is right for you. We take pride in making sure that the whole process from bulb storage and treatment, transport and delivery is ensured to produce the optimum result. A good record of reliability is what we as FdM believe in.


Fred. de Meulder Export B.V. runs an active promotion schedule. The use of brand names and active promotion management make our products very recognizable amongst its competitors. Demands from the market determine our strategy, because knowing and understanding customer needs is at the centre of every successful business.

Photographs of all products are available. Furthermore we can offer you flyers of all ranges of business we are in. These will be very helpful to support your sales.

FdM is official partner of the Keukenhof foundation since the early start in 1949.

Quality control

We take great interest in the quality of our products. This starts by selecting the right variety and the best growers. The conservation and continuous monitoring of the bulbs in store is a very important aspect of quality control. We take take tests of all our lilies and tulips and plant them in our own small test centre facility. We do this to understand and prevent problems that occur during the forcing phase of growing bulbs.

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FdM is member of the “Flowerbulb Quality Mark Foundation” (SKBH).


We pack and store the bulbs ourselves. Our company has al the facilities to pack and store the bulbs at the right controlled temperature. On arrival in our company the bulbs are tested to check that they meet our high quality standards before they are stored. All our stock is stored as to its individual climate requirements and carefully monitored by computer so that we can assure all our bulbs get the right treatment.

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