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About us

a rich past with customers all over the world
a future with you as a customer?

Our history

Fred. de Meulder is one of the largest flower bulb exporting companies in the Netherlands selling worldwide. We started out exporting flower bulbs 119 years ago in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Fred. de Meulder delivers its flower bulbs to a wide variety of customers because it not only offers pre-packed flower bulbs for retail but also loose bulbs for professional growers. Our customer base consists of garden centres, wholesalers, growers, municipalities and mail order companies.

Our vision

Fred de Meulder B.V. has set itself the goal of achieving even higher customer satisfaction in the future. This by working transparently, clarity in prices, short delivery times and high quality products. It is also in the planning to make it clear to customers what the availability of bulbs in the warehouse is and how fast we can deliver.

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